For (really) busy marketing managers
Get your copy done in a day

When you complete your purchase of the Copywriting in a Day service, I will send you a link to book your calendar day. I'll also ask you to answer some questions about your project. The more relevant and detailed information you can provide me at the start, the better.

Before your day arrives, I'll read your info and do some prep to make sure I'm ready to hit the ground running on your project.

On the day, we'll have a 60-minute kick-off call. That's an hour of 1-on-1 time to go over what you need accomplished so I'm super clear on the outcomes you're looking for.

Then I get to work. This means 5 hours of dedicated copy crafting. During this time, I'll be available to you through a private Slack channel (or text if you prefer). Just remember, if we're chatting, I'm not writing, so the key is to be laser focused on deliverables.

At the end of your 5-hour slot, we'll have a 30-minute wrap up call.
I deliver and walk you through the finished copy.

But wait...

What if I don't finish all the tasks you've asked for?

In the kickoff call, our goal was to accurately and realistically define the scope of the work. I aim to be open and clear about what I believe I can complete in a day. If there is more than a day's work to be done, I encourage you to book 2 days with me. But sometimes, the best estimates can be off. I do my very best to finish all your tasks but will only be able to complete work within the 5 hours of allotted writing time.

What about uploading the emails + web copy + landing pages?

This is a copy-only service so there's no additional time for implementing your copy in your email service provider, website or landing page service. If you need this piece done as well, I'd love to help! We can discuss a separate project for implementation if needed.

One last thing

What's this really all about?

If it's finally getting out of copy debt, and knocking off copywriting jobs you never seem to have time for, then you need this service.

Imagine handing off those to-dos in the A. M. — and then getting results by end of day.

Pretty darn good, huh?

Let's get started!

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