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Get a ready-to-go lead gen funnel for your lead magnet, report, or whitepaper.

Write my funnel

You've got a considerable investment
tied up in that lead magnet...

We KNOW it was grind to write, approve, and publish. And now that it’s done, the last thing you need to do is...nothing.

Maybe all you want to do slap a link on your sidebar or in your newsletter that says. “Download our new whitepaper…” But that's NOT the way to build an engaged list of prospects, especially if your product or solution is complex and has a long sales cycle.

Mintedleaf will create everything you need to actually launch AND promote your lead magnet or whitepaper on your website.

Here's what you get...

1. Teaser article

An enticing, high interest teaser article (around 500 words), that positions your lead magnet as essential research for whatever solution your prospects need.

2. Landing page

An engaging landing page with the email optin for the lead magnet download. 


A video presentation of your funnel, a checklist for optimizing your funnel in 2 to 3 months, and KPIs to track funnel performance.

3. Email sequence

A 5-part email sequence that moves your prospect towards the next action you want them take. You may want them reach out for a 15-min discovery call, or sign up for a technical webinar with one of your sales engineers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this work?

STEP 1 Once you pay for your lead gen funnel, I'll email you a form to complete.

I'll be asking for:

  • Any customer research you have
  • Your website details
  • Clarifying questions about the product
  • And the whitepaper itself (of course)

STEP 2 I get to work (so you don’t have to). In fact, you can get back to the million other things on your plate. This service is specifically designed as “done-for-you”. So that means you provide me with the source content materials, I provide you with finished copy. (This isn’t a custom project that requires a kickoff meeting and research and review processes.)

STEP 3 In three business days I send you the funnel, along with a video presentation of the copy and principles behind it.

STEP 4 You upload the teaser article and landing page to your website and/or landing page platform. And, add the five-part email sequence to your email provider.

That's it!

Do you implement my funnel
for me?

This done-for-you service is for planning and writing your funnel, not implementing it.

So, for all the pieces to work together you must have a website, a landing page service (such as Leadpages or Unbounce), and an email service provider.

I provide you with the Word files or Google docs (whichever you prefer). You then take those files and upload them to the appropriate platform.

How long does it take?

I'll ask you to provide everything I need to deliver your funnel in 3 business days.

Why Mintedleaf?

Leanne Tremblay (Mintedleaf Story Studio) is an experienced, senior documentation specialist and content strategist who has worked for technology companies of all sizes. From user docs to online help centers, blog posts, datasheets, collateral, and (yes), whitepapers, she's got the the writing chops to "get" the techncial side of your marketing vision.

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